Frequently asked questions

Where can I find your socials such as Discord/Teamspeak?

You can find them all on our home page. Just click the image.

I was banned from the server/teamspeak how do I get unbanned?

If you were banned for a valid reason then you'll have to wait out the ban length.
If you feel as if you were banned unfairly, you can appeal your ban here

Where can I report someone for breaking the rules?

If for some reason you are not able to report them in-game then you can submit a report here

I am being harassed by an individual/group within the networks

Please contact any available staff member on the networks at that time so they can monitor the situation and take action.
We also have Support channels in our Discord and TeamSpeak server.

I have some questions about some in-game features/items

All your questions can be answered over at our Wiki, however you can reach out to the Community or Staff for any unanswered questions.

I donated and didn't receive any credits/items purchased with credits in-game?

Please open a support ticket here, we will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Am I allowed to sell/trade anything in-game for real-world items/currency?

No, this is strictly forbidden however we may implement a safe way for people to do this in the future.

Can I join the staff team?

Sure! Just grab a cuppa and head on over here

I do not meet the requirements for staff/my application was rejected, how else can I help out?

We have all different types of roles you can apply for. Head here for more information.

I have found a bug/exploit, where can I report it?

You can submit it via the in-game feedback option and/or by going here
If it is a serious exploit then please contact a Staff member on any network.

Where can I report a Staff member?

We apologise if you've had a bad experience with a staff member, if you feel as if it needs to be reported then you can do so by going here

Can I get some free credits?

Sure, we give out credits in giveaways and contests held on our networks. You also earn them in other ways.